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What is the method of registering Complaints?

What is the method of registering Complaints?

If any person is unable to submit a request to a Central Public Information Officer either by reason that such an officer has not been appointed by the concerned public authority; or the Central Assistant Central Public Information Officer has refused to accept his or her application or appeal for forwarding the same to the Central Public Information Officer or the appellate authority, as the case may be; or he has been refused access to any information requested by him under the RTI Act.

He has not been given a response to a request for information within the time limit specified in the Act; or he has been required to pay an amount of fee which he considers unreasonable.

He believes that he has been given incomplete, misleading or false information, he can make a complaint to the Central Information Commission.

RTI stands for “Right to Information”. Right to Information is a fundamental right that every citizen has! Basically, the RTI gives you all the information that you want about the Govt. and what they are doing with your tax money!

You have the right to ask the Govt. why the roads outside your house are not fixed, why have you not received your “rashan card” as yet, why is there so much garbage in your area that is not picked up etc.

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