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hammer_scalesProcedure for getting an establishment registered under the contract labour Act 2000 – 

  • if the Act applicable to an establishment the principal employer of the establishment has to make an application in the prescribed form accompanied by prescribed fees to the Registering Officer for registration of the establishment under the Act

  • if the application is complete in all respects the Registering Officer will register the establishment and issue a certificate of registration in the prescribed form to the principal employer.

Labour laws in India are complicated and not at all easy to understand, especially, for those who are not comfortable with the language used in drafting the provisions of the various Acts.

In this section of our website, we bring you an effective way of learning what you may not learn in B-Schools and Law Colleges about the complexities of Employee-Employer relations weaved around these Acts.

You can obtain a greater understanding and a deeper knowledge in translating the provisions of the Acts by learning the answers of frequently asked questions on Employee-Employer relations.

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