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First of all the claimant is to file within the period of time agreed upon by the parties or determined by the arbitrator a statement of facts supporting his claim, the points at issue and the relief or remedy sought and the respondent thereafter shall state his defense in respect of and in answer to the statement of claim, unless the parties have otherwise agreed.

The parties may submit with their statements all documents they consider to be relevant or may add a reference to the documents or other evidence they will submit.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, either party may amend or supplement his claim or defense during the course of the arbitral proceedings, unless the arbitrator considers it inappropriate to allow the amendment or supplement having regard to the delay in making it.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties the Arbitrator shall decide whether to hold oral hearings for the presentation of evidence or for oral argument or whether the proceedings shall be conducted on the basis of documents and other materials. However it has been provided that the Arbitrator shall hold oral hearings at an appropriate stage of the proceedings on a request by a party, unless the parties have agreed that no oral hearing shall be held.

The parties shall be given sufficient advance notice of any hearing and of any meeting of the Arbitrator for the purposes of inspection of documents, goods or other property.

All statement documents or other information supplied to or application mate to the Arbitrator by one party shall be communicated to the other party and any expert report or evidentiary document on which the Arbitrator may rely in making his decision shall be communicated to the parties.


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