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What is the process of registration of a trademark?

What is the process of registration of a trademark?

The process of registration of the trademark consists of the following steps:

I. SEARCH: Conduct a trademark availability search

II. FILING: Trademark application to be filed with Trademark office

III. EXAMINATION: Trademark Office examines the registrability of the application

IV. PUBLICATION: Acceptance of application by the Registrar is published in Trademark Journal

V. OPPOSITION: After publishing of applications in the Trademark Journal, third party(ies) can oppose the registration within 4 months in a prescribed format.
Applicant has the option to provide justification to the Trademark Office for such opposition

VI. NO OPPOSITION: Trademark is entitled for registration

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Trademark is a sign that helps distinguish the products from a particular producer or enterprise from those of its competitors. By providing a distinctive sign to goods or services produced by an enterprise, trademarks create an enduring image in the customers’ mind.

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