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What is the registration procedure for GI?

What is the registration procedure for GI?

The Register of Geographical Indications is divided into two parts, part A and Part B. Part ‘A’ consists of particulars relating to registered geographical indications and Part ‘B’ consists of particulars of the registered authorized users. The various steps that the rights holder should follow for the registration of their geographical indications in India are as follows –

  • Hire an IPR law firm – It is advisable to hire a local IPR law firm, so as to get proper guidance regarding the laws and the procedures that are followed in India.
  • Conduct a clearance search – It is advisable to conduct a clearance search to ascertain if the geographical indication is available for registration in India. Should the geographical indication be available it would be advisable to register the same at the earliest.
  • Preparing of documents and filing of application – The rights holder can file a single application for registration of a geographical indication in different classes of goods as per the prescribed format. The application can be filed in the Office of Geographical Indications, Chennai. The application to be filed should contain a statement as to how the geographical indication serves to designate the goods as originating from the concerned territory of the country or region or locality in the country, in respect of specific quality, reputation or other characteristics of which are due exclusively or essentially to the geographical environment, with its inherent natural and human factors, and the production, processing or preparation of which takes place in such territory, region or locality. It should also include the class of goods to which the geographical indication shall apply, the geographical map of the territory of the country or region or locality in the country in which the goods originate or are being manufactured, the particulars regarding the appearance of the geographical indication (as to whether it is comprised of words or figurative elements or both) and any statement containing particulars of the producers of the concerned goods.
  • Examination and Publication of the Application – After the application has been filed, the examiner reviews the application and the accompanying statement of case. For purposes of examination, the Registrar of Geographical Indications ordinarily constitutes a Consultative Group of not more than seven representatives to ascertain the correction of the particulars as mentioned in the Statement of Case. Thereafter, the Registrar issues an examination report. Depending on the merits of the application and of any evidence of use, the Registrar may accept or reject the application either absolutely or subject to certain modifications. The Applicant is required to respond to the rejection or objections within two months of the receipt of the examination report failing which the application will be dismissed. After the acceptance of the application by the Registrar, either absolutely or subject to certain conditions and with or without a hearing being conducted, the application will be published.
  • Opposition and Registration – Any person may, within three months of the publication of the application to register a geographical indication, file an opposition. After serving the opposition documents on the Applicant and after examining the evidence and hearing the parties, the Registrar of Geographical Indications may decide whether and subject to what limitations or conditions the registration is to be permitted.
  • The Registrar of Geographical Indications may register the geographical indication after the application has been accepted and not opposed or if opposed the opposition has been decided in favor of the Applicant. Thereafter the Registrar will issue the Registration Certificate in the prescribed format and sealed with the seal of the Geographical Indications Registry to each of the Applicant and the authorized users.
  • Term of Registration – The registration of a geographical indication is for a 10-year period, and is renewable, indefinitely.


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