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What is the role of the mediator?

What is the role of the mediator?

The mediator’s ultimate role is to do anything and everything necessary to assist parties to reach agreement. In serving this ultimate end, the mediator may take on any or all of the following roles –

  • Convener
  • Educator 
  • Communication Facilitator
  • Translator 
  • Questioner and Clarifier
  • Process Advisor
  • Angel of Realities
  • Catalyst
  • Responsible Detail Person

Mediation is a negotiation process in which a neutral third party assists the disputing parties in resolving their disputes.

A Mediator uses special negotiation and communication techniques to help the parties to come to a settlement.

The parties can appoint a Mediator with their mutual consent or a mediator can be appointed by the Court in a pending litigation.

Mediation always leaves the decision making power with the parties.

A Mediator does not decide what is fair or right, does not apportion blame, nor renders any opinion on the merits or chances of success if the case is litigated.

Rather, a mediator acts as a catalyst to bring the two disputing parties together by defining issues and limiting obstacles to communication and settlement.

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