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What is the stamp duty and registration fees for registration of a will?

What is the stamp duty and registration fees for registration of a will?

There is no Stamp duty on will deed. For registration of will during the life time of the testator Rs.100 Registration fee prescribed + User Charges applicable. To register the will after the death of the testator Registration fee of Rs.100 and enquiry fee including batta, processing expenses at actual will be collected.

Will – A testamentary document by which a person bequeaths his property to be effective on his death is a will. The property will devolve on the person in whose favour it is bequeathed after death of testator.

Execute a will – Any person above the age of 18 years and mentally sound may execute will, but the will caused by fraud or coercion or by forcefully is not valid. Therefore a will must be executed voluntarily. Parents or guardians cannot execute will on behalf of minors or lunatics.

Attestation by minimum two witnesses is necessary. Scribe (deed writer / advocate) cannot be called witness. Two independent attesting witnesses other than the scribe are necessary. Beneficiary under a will should not sign as attesting witness.

In order to avoid disputes in implementation of a will, description of property and the beneficiaries should be clearly written without giving room for any doubt. No stamp duty is required to be paid. Will can be drafted on a white paper.

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