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What is UPOV?

What is UPOV?

UPOV is an abbreviation of Union pour la Protection des Obtentious Vegetals (Union for protection of new varieties of plant). It is an international convention which provides a common basis for the examination of plant varieties in different member States of UPOV for determining whether a plant variety merits protection under UPOV or not.

 Variety means a plant grouping except micro-organism within a single botanical taxon of the lowest known rank, which can be-

(i) defined by the expression of the characteristics resulting from a given genotype of that plant grouping.

(ii) distinguished from any other plant grouping by expression of at least one of the said characteristics; and

(iii) considered as unit with regard to its suitability for being propagating, which remain unchanged after such propagation, and includes propagating material of such variety, extant variety, transgenic variety, farmers’ variety and essentially derived variety.

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