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There will one conciliator unless the parties agree that there shall be two or three conciliators. Where there is more than one conciliator, they ought, as a general rule, to act jointly.




In conciliation proceeding with one conciliator, the parties may agree on the name of a sole conciliator. In conciliation proceedings with two conciliator each party may appoint one conciliator. In conciliation proceedings with three conciliators, each party may appoint one conciliator and the parties may agree on the name of the third conciliator who shall act as the presiding conciliator.


Alternatively the parties may enlist the assistance of a suitable institution or person in connection with the appointment of conciliators, and in particular,


(a) A party may request such an institution or person to recommend the names of suitable individuals to act as conciliator or


(b) the parties may agree that the appointment of one or more conciliators be made directly by such an institution or person.


This is subject to the provision that in recommending or appointing individuals to act as conciliator, the institution or person shall have regard to such considerations as are likely to secure the appointment of an independent and impartial conciliator and, with respect to sole or third conciliator, shall take into account the advisability of appointing a conciliator of a nationality other than the nationalities of the parties. (Sections 63 & 64).


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