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When does F.I.R become substantive evidence?

When does F.I.R become substantive evidence?

These conditions are when F.I.R become substantive evidence – 

  • During declaration when a person deposing about the cause of his death had died(dying declaration).
  • When the injuries are being caused in the presence of SHO in PS and the injured makes a state- ment to the SHO saying that accused was injuring him.
  • When the informer who has written the FIR or read it, fails to recall memory those facts but is, sure that the facts were correctly represented in FIR at the time he wrote it or read it.

The report pertaining to occurrence of a cognizable offence, received at the Police Station is called First Information Report, popularly known as FIR. Since it is the first information about the cognizable offence, it is called First Information report.

On receipt of this information police registers the report in a FIR Register and begins the investigation of the crime. Is the complainant entitled to a free copy of the FIR? Yes, definitely. As per Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.PC) it is mandatory on the part of police to provide a copy of the FIR, free of cost to the complainant.

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