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Where can a will be registered?

Where can a will be registered?

It can be registered in any office of the District Registrar/Sub Registrar Office of India.

Under the general permission available, the following categories can purchase immovable property in India:

  • Non-Resident Indian (NRI).
  • Person of Indian Origin (PIO).

The general permission, however, covers only purchase of residential and commercial property and is not available for purchase of agricultural land / plantation property / farm house in India.

Can foreign nationals of non-Indian origin resident in India or outside India who had earlier acquired immovable property under FERA with specific approval of the Reserve Bank continue to hold the same? Can they transfer such property?

Yes, they may continue to hold the immovable property under holding license obtained from the Reserve Bank. However, they can transfer the property only with the prior approval of the Reserve Bank.

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