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Where do you can file the case?

Where do you can file the case?

There are various categories of Courts. All categories can be classified under Courts of First instance and appellate Courts. As per Section 15 of Civil Procedure Code every suit shall be instituted in the Court of the lowest grade competent to try it.

Every Court has specific pecuniary and territorial jurisdiction. So we cannot file suits as per our convenience.

Rules regarding filing of suits are guided by various provisions of Civil Procedure Code.

Before filing a suit one should know where or before which Court the suit has to be filed. It is called place of suing. Place of suing is subjected to two limitations:
(1) territorial jurisdiction of the Court; and
(2) pecuniary jurisdiction of the Court, Territorial jurisdiction depends upon the nature of the suit, i.e. subject matter of the dispute. Depending upon the nature of subject matter, suits are divided into 3 categories. They are-
1. Suits relating to immovable property.
2. Suits relating to compensation for wrongs to person and movables.
3. Other suits.


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