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Yes. Under certain conditions, police can do this.

What is search warrant?

A legal document authorizing a police officer or other official to enter and search premises.

Under what circumstances a search warrant can be issued ?

According to Section 93 section —

A search warrant with a plastic bag for evidence. Vector illustration.

Whether a police officer can search a person/place without a search warrant?

1.a ) where any court has reason to believe that a person to whom a summons or order under section 91 or a requisition under subsection (1) of the section 92 has been , or might be , addressed , will not or would not produce the document or thing as required by such summons on requisition , or


  1. b) where such document or thing is not known to the court to be in the possession of any person , or


  1. c) where the court considers that the purpose of any inquiry , trial or other proceeding under this Code will be served by a general search or inspection , it may issue a search warrant ; and the person to whom such warrant is directed , may search or inspect in accordance therewith and the provisions of the Code.

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