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Which are the steps involved for criminal enforcement?

Which are the steps involved for criminal enforcement?

These are the steps involved for criminal enforcement –

  • Drafting of the complaint .
  • Coordination with the police in conducting raid .
  • Pre-raid check .
  • Actual attendance during the raid as complainant and witness .
  • Filing of FIR by police (First Information Report) .
  • After raid follow up with the Investigating Office/police and Public Prosecutor.

Once the matter moves forward, the complainant would be asked to appear as a witness (this stage generally reaches in 2-3 years) to record his statement and for cross examination. This generally gets wrapped up in 2-4 hearings.

FIR  – short for First Information Report is the information first in point of time as to the commission of an offence. This sets the entire criminal law machinery into motion. If a complaint discloses commission of an cognizable offence (usually the more common and serious of offences eg : theft/murder/rape/cheating/498A etc) police is duty bound to record and register the same and investigate. Any one can be an informant and intimate the police as to the commission of an offence. Later the informant is expected at time of trial to come to court and depose. If the police refuses to register an FIR – one can move the concerned magistrate for directions to the police under section 156(3) of the CrPC.

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