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Which items are excluded from the ata carnet system?

Which items are excluded from the ata carnet system?

Perishable goods and items such as paint, cleaning materials, food, oils, leaflets and brochures, which are considered as “consumable items” and intended to be given away, disposed of, or utilized abroad, are excluded from the system as they would not ordinarily be re-exported.

these ATA Carnets items are includes: Antiques, machinery, machine-tools, catering equipment, canned food, footwear, toys, computers, office equipment, transformers, electric generators, electrical/electronic and scientific equipment, surgical and dental equipment, jewellery and articles of precious metal/stones, “hi-fi”, audio-visual, photographic and filming equipment, lasers, musical instruments and records, display material, aircraft, films, motor vehicles and accessories, racing engine machinery, heating and lighting equipment, agricultural machinery, furniture, crockery, paintings and other works of art, umbrellas, race-horses, suitcases, perfume, theatrical effects and sets, concert and musical instruments, leather and sports goods, clothing, yachts and boats, display stands.

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