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Who are recruiting agents?

Who are recruiting agents?

To streamline recruitment for overseas employment and to safeguard the interests of the emigrants, the Emigration Act 1983 stipulates that only recruiting agents duly registered under the Act can conduct the business of recruitment for overseas employment.

How can one know that a recruiting agent (RA) is registered or not?
For a list of recruiting agents registered under the Emigration Act, 1983

What has one to ensure before entering into any transaction with the recruiting agent?
First ensure that the agent has displayed his Registration Certificate (RC) which is valid at that point of time. Then note down the particulars of job and foreign employer and cross check the same with the foreign employer as well as on Prior Approval Category (PAC) list on this website. In case of doubt, verify the genuineness of the job as well as the employer through Indian Mission in that country on telephone or through e-mail, the details of which are available on and
DO NOT handover any money, your passport, educational or experience certificates to the agent unless the genuineness of the job and employer has been established.
DO NOT pay more than the prescribed fee of equivalent wages for 45 days as per the employment contract subject to maximum Rs.20,000/=

How can a person lodge complaint against the agents or get their grievances redressed?
Complaints against recruiting agents could be addressed either through post or by e-mail to Complaints can also be filed with any of the eight Protector of Emigrants or dropped in the box marked Protector General of Emigrants kept at the reception area of Akbar Bhavan, Chankyapuri, New Delhi. A toll free 24×7 Helpline No.1800-11-3090 can also be reached. Besides all these, one can utilize the services of walk-in counseling center at OWRC, D-19, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase – I, New Delhi – 110 019.

How can a person lodge complaints against the foreign employers to get their grievances redressed?
An aggrieved emigrant can file his complaint with the Indian Mission in that country on telephone or through e-mail, the details of which are available on and They can also take recourse to the options as mentioned above.

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