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Who is a Proclaimed Offender?

Who is a Proclaimed Offender?

Section 82 of Cr.P.C. incorporates the concept of ‘Proclaimed Offender’ or ‘PO’. If a court is of the opinion that a certain person against whom a warrant* ( bailable or non-bailable) has been issued by it is trying to hide away from the police so that the warrant can not be executed, then the court may publish a proclamation in writing thereby requiring him to appear on a particular day and at particular time and at a particular place (he is given at least 30 days from the date of publication). The proclamation is published in the following manner :

  1. It is publicly read in a proper place in the area where the said person ordinarily resides
  2. It is pasted on some prominent portion of the house or the area where he ordinarily resides
  3. A copy of the proclamation is pasted at some prominent place in the court
  4. A copy of the proclamation may also be published in a daily newspaper which has circulation in the area where that person ordinarily resides.

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