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Who is eligible to be registered as a voter?

Who is eligible to be registered as a voter?

The Indian Constitution confers voting rights on any individual who is a citizen of the country and is above 18 years of age. This minimum-age limit came into effect from March 28, 1989, prior to which it was 21 years. The Constitution does not differentiate between male and female voters.

Every Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 years on the qualifying date i.e. first day of January of the year of revision of electoral roll, unless otherwise disqualified, is eligible to be registered as a voter in the roll of the part/polling area of the constituency where he is ordinarily resident.

They can do the same by filling up and submitting Form-6 to the Electoral Registration Officer of their constituency. Voters are not allowed to enrol at more than one place. Further, the voting rights are restricted to the current place of work and residence.

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