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Who prescribes the standards for pollution control?

Who prescribes the standards for pollution control?

The standards are prescribed by the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India, which are minimum uniform national standards, which can not be relaxed by any Authority including SPCBs and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, which can prescribe more stringent standards than whatever laid down by the MoEF, GoI, taking into consideration the local conditions.

Environmental law means the laws that regulate the impact of human activities on the environment. Environmental law covers a broad range of activities that affect air, water, land, flora or fauna. It includes laws that relate to: Protection of animals and plants.

According to Section 2(a) of the Environmental Protection Act, 1986, ‘Environment’ includes
a) Water, air and land
b) The inter-relationship which exists among and between,
i) water, air, land, and
ii) human beings, other living creatures, plants, microorganisms and property

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