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Why do I need patent search?

Why do I need patent search?

Patent search can be done for many purposes. First, it helps to identify the existing technologies, and research can avoid reinventing the invention without spending huge money and time. And it can find opportunities to improve existing technologies and may reveal trends in certain technologies.

And it also performed for assessing the patentability of an invention before proceeding to patent application process. And also it helps the company to launch the products by performing freedom to operate searches. It may help to identify information on competitors and also invalidate competitor’s patent.

A patent search is a search of issued patents and published patent applications for inventions that might be considered important prior art; references when applying for a patent.

Prior art is anything in the public domain, patented or not patented, that may determine whether an invention is novel or not.  Our patent analyst reviews the drawings and text of patents and patent applications to find inventions that may be similar to an inventor’s new invention. We use the patent classification system, in addition to keyword searching, to find relevant patents.

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