Dear team, I am married living with my…

Dear team,

I am married living with my wife and two kids. My parents live in a village which is about 250kms from my stay. Now, they are planning to stay with me as they can’t live alone anymore. I have an elder brother who is staying away from our family and has denied to take care of them forever and he visits them rarely.

Elder brother owns a home and shop which is built on approx. 500-700 sq.ft piece of land. Its a three storey building now which is wholly owned by him though it was purchased with equal contribution when we all were staying together. As I am working in a private company, never indulged into our family business, however, I have contributed financially to purchase the land, so altogether we purchased it when we were living together. But, while registering the property with the local tehsil, it was registered by my elder brothers name, hence he is the owner of that plot. I am working since more than 15 years in private firms and till date, I do not own any property as it is not possible for me to even approach for any loans as per my current salary. However, I can manage to take care of my family and my parents.

We have another land at our native which measures approx. 2200 sq.ft and a legal case is in process against my uncle who claims to be his property though the land is registered on my fathers name. This case is completely handled by elder brother who never let us know what is going on and the current status of the case. He just keeps telling us that its still ongoing. As my father undergone a mild paralyses attack, he can’t speak much and oppose my brother to stay away from the case.

As I said above that I am ready to take care of my parents. Here, my questions are as follows:
1) If my brother has denied to take care of them forever, why should we allow him to take interest on my fathers land at native and if at all he demands his right on it, do we have any such law or can we send him legal notice saying that if he wants his right on fathers property, he should equally contribute in taking care of them.
2) If he can’t let them stay with him, is there any option that we can ask him to pay some amount every month to contribute to their expenses if they stay with me.
3) Is there anyway that we can know the current status of the case filed by my brother against our uncle regarding the dispute of our native land.

Thank you very much. Your advice is highly appreciated.

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