Sir, I am T.ShanmugaRaman from Madurai, Tamilnadu. We…

I am T.ShanmugaRaman from Madurai, Tamilnadu.
We are 3 children to our parents
[1. Elder sister aged 56 – having 1 son aged 30 + one daughter aged 28], [2. Younger sister aged 52 – having 2 sons aged 27 & 26] &
[3. Myself aged 49 – having 2 sons aged 18 & 13].
our mother, a retired corporation school teacher, expired approximately before 6 years.
My dad aged around 82, a retire railway employee – is becoming adamant, unable to recall things properly – is always in the middle of persons who praise him & swindle his belongings with or without his knowledge. he is reluctant even to talk or discuss things with us.
I am much afraid that the properties [his self earned & ancestral] might be looted by these people. Hence i want to save and prevent any properties on his name / any lump sum transactions & need the same to be carried out only with my concern.
Very often he is telling that he will sellout everything without our concern & we are in no way righteous to question. he always urges for huge amount, saying that he is in debts [absolutely no chances because he is the one who is receiving his pension + my mothers pension + house rents + shop rents]
Kindly guide me in this regard. your reply will decide our future.
Thanking you
Yours’ sincerely

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