Subject: Property documents to be recovered from Bank…

Subject: Property documents to be recovered from Bank after divorce

Sequence of Events: (Before Divorce, property was on housing loan)
1. I have been divorced with my wife and as part of mutual consent Gift Deed was issued.
2. Property was on both the parties name.
3. As part of divorce settlement, Wife had released her 50% property share by way of gift deed and an one time settlement amount was paid to Wife.
4. After few months of Divorce, I have transferred my housing loan from SBI to the IDBI, and cleared all the loan dues of SBI.
5. When i approached SBI to recover my property documents, SBI is insisting for signature of both the parties to collect the documents. As per them they have the old Documents and they are not accepting Gift deed and Divorce.
6. I have tried multiple times to contact my wife and her Father to come for signature so that i can recover my documents, but they are not co-operating and not willing for signature.

Need your inputs on below 2 questions:
1. What are the legal options with me so that i can ask my ex-wife to approach bank to sign the bank papers ? so that i can get my documents
2. What are the legal options with me to ask the bank to release the property documents? (Note: all the dues have been cleared, it is just a matter of collecting the property documents and hand it over to IDBI. As IDBI is my new housing loan bank)

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