Can a party challenge the appointment of an Arbitrator?

Yes, if circumstances exist that give rise to justifiable doubts as to the Arbitrators independent or impartiality, or if he does not possess the qualification agreed to by the parties. A party may challenge an Arbitrator appointed by him, or in whose appointment he has participated only for reasons, of which he becomes aware, after […]

What is the procedure for challenging the appointment of an Arbitrator ?

The parties are free to agree on a procedure for challenging the appointment of an Arbitrator. Failing any agreement as aforesaid a party who intends to challenge an Arbitrator shall, within 15 days after becoming aware of the constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal or after becoming aware of any circumstances for challenging the appointment of […]

What is the procedure for conduct of Arbitral proceedings ?

The Law provides that the parties shall be treated with equality and each party shall be given full opportunity to present his case. The Arbitral Tribunal shall not be bound by the court civil procedure 1908 or the Indian evidence Act, 1872. Subject to the above rules the parties are free to agree on the […]

What would be the place of Arbitration ?

The parties are free to agree on the place of Arbitration. Failing any agreement between the parties the place of Arbitration shall be determined by the Arbitral Tribunal having regard to the circumstance of the case, including the convenience of the party. Notwithstanding with the above rules the Tribunal may, unless otherwise agreed by the […]

When does the Arbitration commence ?

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties the Arbitration proceedings commence on the date on which a request for the dispute to be referred to Arbitration is received by the respondent.

What is the procedure generally to be followed in an Arbitration proceeding ?

First of all the claimant is to file within the period of time agreed upon by the parties or determined by the arbitrator a statement of facts supporting his claim, the points at issue and the relief or remedy sought and the respondent thereafter shall state his defense in respect of and in answer to […]