What is the procedure, if any,for submission of request to the Chief Justice under subsection 4 or subsection 5 or subsection 6 of Section 11 of the Act ?

A. Such request shall be made in writing to the Chief Justice and shall be accompanied by :


(a) the original arbitration agreement or a duly certified copy thereof;


(b) the names and addresses of the parties to the arbitration agreement;


(c) the names and addresses of the arbitrators, if any, already appointed ;


(d) the name and address of the person or institution, if any, to whom or which any function has been entrusted by the parties to the arbitration agreement under the appointment procedure agreed upon by them;




(e) the qualifications required, if any, of the arbitrators by the agreement of the parties;


(f) a brief written statement describing the general nature of the dispute and the points at issue;


(g) the relief or remedy sought; and


(h) an affidavit, supported by the relevant documents, to the effect that the condition to be satisfied under sub-section (4) or sub-section (5) or sub-section (6) of section 11, as the case may be, before making the request to the Chief Justice has been satisfied.


What are the other salient features of the Scheme ?

The Scheme Inter-alia makes provisions as to the manner of selection of arbitrators, the authority to deal with the request for appointment of arbitrator, circumstances when the request is to be forwarded to designated persons or institutions, circumstances in which the request may be rejected, when notices are to be issued to affected persons, the manner and circumstances in which the authority given to the person or institution may be withdrawn by the Chief Justice, the persons or parties to whom intimation is to be given of action taken on request, costs of processing request etc. A copy of the Scheme may be referred to if and when so required. A copy of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as also the said Scheme for appointment of arbitrators, 1996 are made available herein for the information of the parties.