What are the penalties for violation under the E.P.A.?

Whoever fails to comply with or contravenes any of the provisions of this Act, or the rules made or orders or directions issued thereunder, shall, in respect of each such failure or contravention, be punishable with imprisonment for a team which may extend to five years or with fine which may extend to one lakh […]

Is pollution of load/soil covered under E.P.A ?

Yes. Because under the E.P.A Environment includes water, air and land. The sources of land pollution are : The unintended or incidental pollution of soil with man made chemicals. The spent material from mining, or processing, etc. The discharge of sewage or waste water from urban areas on the land used for agricultural purposes, particularly […]

What is environmental law?

Environmental law is a collective term describing the network of treaties, statutes,regulations, and common and customary laws addressing the effects of human activity on the natural environment.