Why are defense procurements susceptible to Corruption?

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By Aastha Suman  From the time that India realized the importance of a strong defense infrastructure and decided to procure advanced weaponry and equipments, its procurements have been sullied and muddied by allegations of corruption.  In fact kickbacks received during procurements of the Swedish Bofors guns, the Barack missile, the French Scorpene deal, the HDW… Read more »

Child labour in india: A human rights perspective

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child labour

Aastha Suman I. INTRODUCTION Child labour is undoubtedly a human rights issue. It is not only exploitative but also endangers children’s physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development. It perpetuates poverty because a child labour, deprived of education or healthy physical development, is likely to become an adult with low earning prospects. This is a… Read more »