We are glad to present you with an Internet Portal for Professional Legal Services in India. We are multi-dimensional legal service provider. We provide legal information and services to corporate/individual or other entities, through a well channeled network of Lawyers/Law Firms all across India. India is the seventh largest country and most populous democracy in the world. Legal services in India are vault by distances and sprinkled expertise that creates lack of interest among the people. Legal India.in, has been created to overcome these regional barriers and to achieve legal consultancy/service by providing one platform to all legal experts. Legal India.in invites everyone to join and share the legal expertise.

We are also providing researchs legal survey report to the government, NGOs, Corporate & others who need, on various Indian Legislations and its implementation and matters related thereof.

What we do:

Consultancy, Research, Survey, Information based -Legal-Search, Legal work outsourcing and Legal Processing Offices.

Same time we have also made Legal India.in as an A-Z legal information portal with specialization in legal service network. To keep the ease at mind we have drawn various link to Important Bare Acts & Rules, Important Law Journals, Legal Dictionary, Information for Law Seminars and Conferences of National or International Levels, Law Commission Reports, Useful Websites which will be helpful you in good law research, Information and direct Links for Law Vacancies & Job Opportunities, Top Law News, Top India News on Google, Maps, Book Train/Air Tickets, visit Share Market, MTNL & Yellow Pages Directories, along with top links to free Software and links to another Legal websites.

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