Special Provisions Given To Jammu And Kashmir

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Jammu And Kashmir

by : HIMANSHU SETIA INTRODUCTION The Constitution of India provides for uniform rule over the whole country. But certain regions of the country are governed by special provisions . These provisions ensure the protection of cultural identities, customs and economic and political interests of the original inhabitants of these areas. One of them is Jammu… Read more »

Hire purchase agreement

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company law

BY : HIMANSHU SETIA Introduction Purchase and sale of goods under Hire-Purchase system is governed by the Hire-Purchase Act, 1972. This Act was passed on 8th June, 1972 and came into force w.e.f. September 1, 1973. Here, the word “hire” denotes, the sum payable periodically by the hirer under a hire-purchase agreement. Under the Hire… Read more »