Conservation of Biodiversity in the Indian Context

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 Ritu Dhingra Biological diversity – or biodiversity – is a term we use to describe the variety of life on Earth. It refers to the wide variety of ecosystems and living organisms: animals, plants, their habitats and their genes, it is degree of variation within a given ecosystem, biome or entire planet. Biodiversity is the… Read more »

Eco-feminism – women and conservation of nature

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Ritu Dhingra Today is women’s day and I am writing this article to salute all those women who have been conserving nature by nature. I mean to say that by birth women are great conservators of nature and environment. Throughout many cultures, women have historically held the role of primary food, fuel and water gatherer… Read more »

Disappearance of house sparrow

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house sparrow

Ritu Dhingra CONSERVATION OF BIODIVERSITY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO : Disappearance of house sparrow I am writing this article in the interest of society at large and for the conservation and protection of house sparrows which are disappearing from the region of Delhi at a very fast pace. These birds, being an indicator of environmental… Read more »