Bio-Piracy: An Usurpation Of Prior Art

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Zenefer Zaman and Sandip Bhosale Meaning of Bio-Piracy: The concept of “Bio-piracy” is commonly construed as the misappropriation of the knowledge and genetic resources of the farmers and indigenous people by individuals or institutions seeking exclusive monopoly control over these resources and knowledge. Hence, Bio-Piracy takes place in the form of applying and granting of… Read more »

Role of Indian judiciary in protection of Rights of the Children

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child labour

Sandip Bhosale 1 Introductory The role of the India Judiciary and the scope of judicial interpretation have expanded remarkably in recent times, partly because of the tremendous growth of statutory intervention in the present era. The judiciary plays an important role in the protection of fundamental rights of the citizen and non-citizens alike. The twin… Read more »