Article 21: The Omnibus Article

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Broadly speaking, the doctrine of separation of powers has not been expressly provided for in the Constitution of India, the Suprema Lex, but less to say it can be made out from the scheme of the Constitution. Doctrine of Separation of Powers asserts the division of powers between the three wings of the state: the… Read more »

Code of Hammurabi

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uniform civil code

Shivam Goel .. It is excellent to have giant’s strength but it is tyrannical to use it like a giant… Is it a question of legal over-reach or legal activism that has kept the legal scientist throughout the world baffled as to what significant contribution Code of Hammurabi can be to world jurisprudential development is… Read more »

UTOPIA – A reality or a myth

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Shivam Goel “Looking at the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, Holding infinity in palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. Everything that ever came to reality was once just an imagination.” — (The Dangerous Knowledge, a documentary film) What is utopia? Well, in common parlance ‘a… Read more »

A sense of justice

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LGBT Community

Shivam goel If law is the means then justice is the end. Much less to say that it’s the ends that defines the means. What is natural justice in a common parlance is the question that is to answer what in fact is the term ‘a sense of justice’ means. Natural justice in best of… Read more »