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Chief Justice of India SH Kapadia Saturday urged the judiciary to exercise restraint and resist the temptation of encroaching upon the domains of the government and Parliament lest it jeopardises the entire system.

“The judiciary needs to work in the area demarcated by the constitution,” said Chief Justice Kapadia at a function here to mark the National Law Day.



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I agree with the Hon’ble CJ. Judiciary must exercise restraint. At the same time, it should carefully scrutinize whether they are in conformity to Rules framed by itself (govt) and see, satisfy but do not pass on the buck like individuals in govt. but what Govt. has filed the papers before going/arriving at for final decisio. Avoid one side decision in favour of public servants (govt) , i.e., in favour of always Govt. side just because the individual sitting in Govt. chair shall offend his judgement or return the papers for proper investigation, etc., and will not process papers for… Read more »