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 Former Supreme Court judge V.R. Krishna Iyer says he is highly disillusioned as the Kerala government has been sitting on the law reforms commission report, suggesting pathbreaking reforms, for over a year.

‘I feel humiliated and we did suggest a lot of reforms and we did not take a single paisa as remuneration for the job,’ Iyer told a TV channel here Saturday. 

Iyer, who headed the committee, fumed because the law ministry is yet to do anything on his detailed report, which suggested pathbreaking reforms related to the marriage customs of Muslims, appointing non-Brahmins as temple priests, properties of churches so that they can be transferred to a trust where the laity would also be represented, to name a few. 

While receiving the report from Iyer more than a year back, Law Minister M. Vijayakumar said the final decision would be taken by the government after going through it and claimed this was an exercise done in the country for the first time and would soon become law. 

Another interesting suggestion made is that those behind a shutdown should give a week’s notice and any damage arising from the shutdown would be recovered from those who have called it. 

Iyer, 94, was the law and irrigation minister in the world’s first elected Communist government in 1957 led by E.M.S. Nampoothiripad.

3 Responses to “Kerala sitting on law reforms report: former judge”

  1. abburi venkateswara rao

    sir, i passed M.A[pub.admn.] from Andhra University, waltair and also passed, LLM, specialzation in Labour laws, submitted dissertation on domestic enquiry, also passed PG Diploma in PMIR and also passed senior accountants exam. conducted by Govt. of India, and possessing back ground of 22 years and 6 months illustrious career in central govt. service. seeking senior rank jobs in hr or law/legal anywhere. regards. a.v.rao

  2. vikram singh chaudhary

    it is very good decision but to follw the same is very difficult because in our u p i would like to say the judges are on the same foots and even they know the intention of the advocate who is doing so and ignoring the otherside advocate and granting the long dates. it is only face value of the advocate before the judge. if it could be stopped then i am sure that matter will be solved very soon. one of the example of the same the cases of Motor Accident cases in which judge get quota of perhaps 8 cases instead of one. case goes speedly. Why ?

  3. vikram singh chaudhary

    this is not a new in such cases. actually when any one died in such a way for country all the benefit goes to his wife and childern and no benefit is going to mother and father of the same. in general as i also village from where so may militarymen dies time to time, in general, their wife took all the benefit and goes away with her parents. as my thought the parents of died person lost all his way after death of their son like mohit sharma. it is without prejudiace and should not be taken personally but it was the duty of daughter in law to personal care of them.


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