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Over 2.79 crore cases are pending in Delhi trial courts while there is a backlog of over 42.17 lakh cases in the Delhi High Court and more than 33,538 cases are still to be decided by the Supreme Court, the Lok Sabha was informed on Thursday.

Trial courts in the capital have 27,953,070 pending cases, Minister of Law and Justice Salman Khurshid said in a written reply.

The Delhi High Court has 4,217,903 pending cases, he said.

“Out of the total 57,179 matters filed in the Supreme Court, if connected matters are excluded, the number is only 33,538…,” Khurshid stated.

He added that in order to dispose of these pending cases, the government was taking several measures.

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What judiciary has been doing? One side they order CBI to investigate into scandals in Govt. Why not it cleanse itself from the dirt under it? Is it duty only to point out? They should undetrstand that they are meant to clean up themselves also before pointing at others. Govt. has given certain guidelines as far as back in 2009. Why it was not implemented the issues that were brought out and given directives in the conference of Judicial officers of the country. If judiciary is a Constitutional body, is it not responsible and accountable to public living in India?… Read more »