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The people’s respect for the police is declining and so is the morale of the police, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Secretary General Rajiv Sharma said here Thursday.

“Respect for police forces is eroding in the public. Morale of the police is also declining. This can be set right only by restoring poeple’s confidence in governance,” Sharma said at a workshop on police’s functioning for NHRC’s investigation officers.

He said sensitisation of police officers about various aspects of their functioning might improve the situation.The workshop was held to update the knowledge of the NHRC officers, who come from different police organisations, about the subtle nuances of police’s functioning, said NHRC Director General (Investigation) Sunil Krishna.

The issues covered in the workshop included fake encounters, investigation of custodial crimes and torture in police custody.

One Response to “People’s respect for police declining: NHRC”

  1. Bapoo Malcolm

    At every level, malfeasance, from a traffic offence to lodging a complaint to arrest, detention, torture, murder, you name it, the police is involved. No crime happens without the knowledge of the police! They join the police force by paying a bribe and spend the rest of their lives recovering it….many times over.
    This is a sick society that we are trapped in.


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