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Criticising the delay in delivering justice, Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari Saturday said the poor people suffered the most due to delayed justice.

“It is usually the individual citizen and the poor and marginalised among them, who bear the burnt of inadequate or non-existent Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms and extended judicial processes,” said Ansari while addressing a function to celebrate 150 years of the Calcutta High Court.

Ansari questioned whether legal knowledge is increasingly being deployed for the rich.

He said that the excessive adjournments were a primary cause for delay in justice delivery.

He pointed out that other reasons such as shortage of resources and capacity, long-winded arguments by counsels, and inadequate strength of judges.



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Sushil kumar

“The reality > bare truth is > the INDIA, which proclaims itself > ‘land of freedom, has most
dishonest, dangerous and crooked legal system of any develop and developing nation. Legal
corruption is covering India like a blanket.”
Legal blanket not to be PUT on black sheep’s > Judicial > political > social >
government > private > public
The best law leaves the least discretion to the JUDGE

Sushil kumar
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