Optimal Balance of Financial Instruments: Long-Term Management, Market Volatility & Proposed Changes

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An optimal mix of financial instrument can be structured to incentivize the management to focus on the long-term management. However there is not a single unique optimal mix available for all firms. It will vary on firm, industrial characteristics and market. The choice of securities issued depends on few broad factors:  (1) The existing mix… Read more »

World Trade Law

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INTRODUCTION “Prompt compliance with recommendations or rulings of the DSB is essential in order to ensure effective resolution of disputes to the benefit of all Members.” —-World Trade Organization, Article 21.1 of the DSU In 1994, the WTO members agreed on the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes or Dispute Settlement… Read more »


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1. (Old age (also referred to as one’s eld) consists of ages nearing or surpassing the average life span of human beings, and thus the end of the human life cycle. Euphemisms and terms for old people include seniors, senior citizens and the elderly. 2. As occurs with almost any definable group of humanity, some people will hold a prejudice against others—in this… Read more »

India & Lok Pal Bill

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Bhartendu Yadav INTRODUCTION: India is a country where honesty and integrity in public and private life have been glorified and upheld in great epics such as the Vedas, Upanishads and in the books and practices of every religion practiced here. Yet, India today is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The basic… Read more »


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What is ‘Prior Restraint?’ The taking of legal action before an anticipated wrongdoing. Remedies to prevent a threatened illegality from taking place include the use of injunction or prohibition and declaration. In English law, an injunction may take the form of either a negative or positive requirement, depending on how best to deal with the… Read more »

Stamping and Proxies in India

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Ms. Stuti Bansal The present article deals with proxies and provisions regarding its stamping as per the laws applicable in India.Section 176 of the Companies Act, 1956 discusses and details the aspects of a proxy. According to Section 176 of the Act, any member of a company, entitled to attend and vote at a meeting… Read more »

Women Reservation Bill : A Step towards Women Empowerment

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NEHA JAIN INTRODUCTION “Achieving the goal of equal participation of women and men in decision making will provide a balance that more accurately reflects the composition of society and is needed in order to strengthen democracy and promote its proper functioning… Without the active participation of women and the incorporation of women’s perspectives at all… Read more »

Rape Laws in India

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Rape is a stigma which exists in the society from a long time. The dictionary meaning of word rape is “the ravishing or violation of a woman.” The rape victim i.e. a woman as woman cannot commit rape due to biological reasons. She is traumatized after the event; it is very difficult for a woman… Read more »

Anti-defection law

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SCHEDULE X OF OUR INDIAN CONSTITUTION- A MYTH OR A REALITY? Our Indian Bureaucratic and Legislative system is running through our politicians,politicians comes from the word “Politics.” The word politics comes from the Greek word “Politika” which means “of, for, or relating to citizens,” but our Indian Politics according to a layman is a bog… Read more »

Stamp Duty on Consortium Documents

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Question: Whether Joint Deeds of Hypothecations and Joint Deeds of Mortgages executed in Consortium Finance are covered under Section 5 or under Section 6 of Bombay Stamp Act or they do embrace separate and distinct matters or transactions or not? Whether or not they are liable to be stamped as separate instrument with separate stamp… Read more »