Court grants 2 mnths to CBI for obtaining sanction to prosecute accused in Aircel-Maxis case

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New Delhi: A Delhi court today granted two months time to the CBI for obtaining sanction from authorities concerned to prosecute certain accused in a case against former Union minister P Chidambaram and his son Karti for alleged irregularities and criminal conspiracy in the Aircel-Maxis deal case. The agency had on July 19 filed charge… Read more »

Law and Morality

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Ritesh Kumar INTRODUCTION Morality is an internal force. Morality appeals to the conscience, while law acts externally through sanctions.[1] A morality is a system of principles and values concerning people’s behaviour, which is generally accepted by a society or by a particular group of people.[2] Morality speaks of a system of behavior in regards to standards of right or wrong behavior…. Read more »

Effects of tax competition in today’s world

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Prashanti Upadhyaya   Tax Competition identifies with the wonder where a sovereign state having the capacity and fitness tends to influence the assessment arrangement of another nation deliberately or inadvertently by joining different duty differentials in its household impose framework.   INTRODUCTION   How Can A Tax  Competition Be Harmful?   Tax Competition identifies with… Read more »

Basics of a Police Complaint

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Gurmeet Singh The thumb rule of writing a police complaint is to be “precise” and “to the point” while being self-explanatory and effective at the same time. Before writing the police complaint, we must bear in mind what is the complaint all about, what is required to be done, what do we want and proceed… Read more »

Predatory Pricing

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In common parlance, Predatory pricing may be defined as pricing below an appropriate measure of cost for the purpose of eliminating competitors in the short run and reducing competition in the long run. It is a practice that harms both competitors and competition.  Normally price cutting is aimed simply at increasing market share, predatory pricing has as… Read more »

PIRACY PARADOX- Intellectual Property Right’s Grey Space

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Author :  Akriti Tyagi, Abstract This article looks into Intellectual Property Law’s grey pace; which is the fashion industry and delves into why, with such low protection, it is still one of the most profitable industries. It is a substantial area of creativity into which copyright and patent do not penetrate and for which trademark provides… Read more »

Maintenance of Hindu Wife

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OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The topic of my research paper, i.e. Maintenance Rights of a Hindu wife is one of the most important rights provided to a Hindu wife. In a Hindu family, the husband is the person who has to provide for his wife. The main objective of this act is that the Hindu… Read more »

Right to Information Act, 2005

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It came into force on 12th October, 2005. The basic object of it is to empower the citizens, promote transparency and accountability in the working of the Government, control corruption, and make our democracy work for the people in real sense. It goes without saying that an informed citizen is better equipped to keep necessary… Read more »

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

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Section 3(8): corporate debtor means a corporate person who owes a debt to any person. Section 5- (1): Adjudicating Authority, for the purposes of this Part, means National Company Law Tribunal constituted under section 408 of the Companies Act, 2013. (Section 408 of the Companies Act, 2013: “The Central Government shall, by notification, constitute, with… Read more »

Office or Place of Profit

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The term office or place of profit is defined under the section 188 of the companies act, 2013, in its explanation and mentioned in the main section. Section 188 talks about the related party transactions: Except with the consent of the Board of Directors given by a resolution at a meeting of the Board and… Read more »