Purulia Police Stations of West Bengal

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Purulia Police  Stations of West Bengal  S.P. -Tel: 9532252222304, Res:222303 Addl. S.P. -Tel: 953252223211, Res: 223202 D.S.P. (DIB) -Tel: 953252223203 D.S.P. (D & T) -Tel: 953252223211 D.S.P. (Admn.) -Tel: 953252223208 D.S.P. (D.E.B.) -Tel: 953252223215 Control Room -Tel: 953252223207 Police Wireless -Tel: 953254223154 S.D.P.O. (Raghunathpur) -Tel: 953251255383/255263 C.I. (Adra) -Tel: 953251244251 S.D.P.O. (Adra) -Tel: 953251244503

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