Central Board of Secondary Education

cbseCentral Board of Secondary Education

A trail of developments mark the significant changes that took place over the years in shaping up the Board to its present status. U P Board of High School and Intermediate Education was the first Board set up in 1921. It has under its jurisdiction Rajputana, Central India and Gwalior. In response to the representation made by the Government of United Provinces, the then Government of India suggested to set up a joint Board in 1929 for all the areas which was named as the Board of High School and Intermediate Education, Rajputana.This included Ajmer, Merwara, Central India and Gwalior.

Head Office –

“Shiksha Kendra”, 2,

Community Centre, Preet Vihar,

Delhi – 110 092.

Tel. (CVO) : 91-11-22524152,

Fax: 22025545

Email: [email protected]



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