Department of Agriculture – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Department of Agriculture – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Agriculture in Andaman Islands is only about 100 years old though plantation crop in Nicobar Islands is Centuries old. Prior to the establishment of Penal settlement in 1958 all the Islands were covered by dense tropical forest, the aboriginal inhabitants living a life knowing no form of cultivation. In 1870 Lord Mayo took serious steps for making Port Blair self-supporting by expansion of Agriculture. Convicts were given tickets of leave, encouraged settlement and started clearing of jungle in order to grow vegetables, fruits and other crops. The major clearance of forest and settlement was taken after independence with the programme of settlement of refugees, landless people from mainland, repatriates of Srilanka & Burma and the Ex-service men.



Mr. M.A. Salam

Director of Agriculture


Phone no.:233257(Office), 232809(Residence)

Mobile: 9434281905

Website:  http://agri.and.nic.in/

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