District Consumer Court of Akola Maharashtra

District Consumer Court of Akola Maharashtra



Collector Office Compound,




Phone no.: 0724-2438281

One thought on “District Consumer Court of Akola Maharashtra

  • I have purchased two wheeler scooty pep in 2007 from Ashok Enterprises,Akola at that time I have paid Rs 4750/- as a downpayment and for remaining amount i have taken loan from city finance Akola Rs 1240/- per month for 36 months was the repayment of loan period. I have paid total amount of loan. But City finace has not given my original R.C.Book for this i have made correspondence with city finance from a long period But they are do giveing my R.C.Book they said that they have not my R.C. Book. in fact they have kept my origingal R.C. book as a morgage against the loan no loan payment is pending against me I request you to give me justce as I could get my Original R.C.Book return as early as possible

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