District Consumer Court In Belgaum Karnataka

District Consumer Court In Belgaum Karnataka



District & Sessions Judge Court Premises,


Phone.  0831-2426140

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  • Khader amaravati says:

    I m khadar amaravati mobile number 9611407477purchase of jeans but quality was not good so resend the goods on 16 August but still I didn’t get the cheque but I lost my order, and I have courier copy number is 134959897 this copy was taken snapshots and send homeshop 18 their number 9953876754 many times they guide wrong information please help me

  • 1. Bill not provided even though asked for in restaurant “Malasa Mangalya” Club Road-Belgaum,Karnataka-590001.
    2. 15-05-2016 ,03:45 p.m.
    3. Mountain Dew (Soft Drink) 600ML
    4. Batch no. of the product- BN 5326A03016
    5. Nectar Beverages Pvt. Ltd. ADJ.G.T.C.Belgaum Road, P.B.NO. 205.K.C. Park, P.O.Dharwad-580008, Karnataka, CDV:5326
    COMPLAINT: I bought the above mentioned product at the mentioned place at the mentioned date and time whose MRP is Rs.34/- but I was overcharged for Rs.40/- i.e. Rs.6/- more. When inquired about the this the manager in-charge of the mentioned restaurant didn”t give me any response and the waiter standing there said it”s the refrigerating charge, and even though I asked for the bill, he didn”t give it to me. Never have I faced such a situation even in abroad but this happened in my own home-town, ashamed of it but I want justice-not the Rs.6/- but I want the mentioned restaurant to repay for the unjust act committed and for the manager in-charge”s responsiveness, adamant and arrogant behavior with me. I want justice. What should I do?

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