District Consumer Court In Dharwad Karnataka

District Consumer Court In Dharwad Karnataka 



Shinge Building,

Opp.  Vidyagiri Post Office,

Vidyagiri Dharwad-580004.

Phone no. 0836-2460842

0 thoughts on “District Consumer Court In Dharwad Karnataka

  • I had submitted insurance claim for my htc e9s mobile (with broken screen) (INTIMATION ID : ADI_220116_2939520) along with all document on 28.01.2016 to Appsdaily insurance office at hubblli.

    My phone has mobile insurance cover by Appsdaily Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

    1) I have called up their Manager Mr. Anil (M.No:9945365174) & Area Manager Mr. Arvind (M.No:9845212020) innumerable times and have followed up but have received not a single answer as to whether my mobile is ready or not.

    2) On top of it, every time I call, I am informed that my case has been forwarded to htc company from past 15 days i am lessening.
    they tell me that they will send an email to the concerned department and I will hear from them soon. But not a single time have they reverted my call with a status update.

    I find it ridiculous that after close to a 45 days I am yet to hearfrom them on a status of My case/ETA on resolving . I do not even know what the issue from their end is.

    I think their company is running a big scam and are a bunch of thieves who are scamming consumers. And i refuse to be taken for a ride by there organization, so i am seeking help from your forum to resolve my complaint.

    prithviraj surana

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