J Sagar Associates, Mumbai

Details of J Sagar Associates:-


Vakils House,18 Sprott Road

Ballard Estate

Mumbai 400 001

Phone No: 91 22 4341 8600

FAX No: 91 124 439 0617

Website: www.jsalaw.com



NAME: Mr Berjis Desai

EMAIL: berjis@jsalaw.com

DIRECT PHONE NO: 91 22 4341 8501

OFFICE: Mumbai


NAME: Mr Jyoti Sagar

EMAIL: jyoti@jsalaw.com

DIRECT PHONE NO: 91 12 4439 0633

OFFICE: Gurgaon


NAME: Mr Sajai Singh

EMAIL: sajai@jsalaw.com

DIRECT PHONE NO: 91 80 4350 3627

OFFICE: Bangalore


NAME: Vivek K Chandy

EMAIL: vivek.k.chandy@jsalaw.com

DIRECT PHONE NO: 91 80 4350 3644

OFFICE: Bangalore


Main Practice Areas:

Arbitration, Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Competition/Anti-Trust, Corporate M&A, Litigation, Projects & Infrastructure, Real Estate, Tax, Regulatory & Policy

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