Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC)


ddddJharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC)

ducation has continued to evolve, diversify and extend its reach and coverage since the dawn of human history. Every country develops its system of education to express and promote its unique socio-cultural identity and also to meet the challenges of the times.World Declaration on Education for All (1990) stressed upon the need to provide expanded educational opportunities that will translate into meaningful development. According to the declaration meeting, basic learning needs constitute a common and universal human responsibility.



Jharkhand Education Project Council

New Co-operative Building, Shyamali Colony,

Doranda, Ranchi-834024, Jharkhand

Phone Number – (0651) 2410519, 2412028

Fax Number – (0651) 2410528

E-mail Address – jepcranchi@rediffmail.com, jepcranchi1@gmail.com,

Web Site – https://www.jepc.nic.in


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