Kerala Law Academy

Address: Kerala Law Academy
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala


Established in 1966, KERALA LAW ACADEMY (KLA) is a seat of excellence in legal education, consultancy, research and in pioneering law reforms. The Academy’s prestigious institute, “the Kerala Law Academy Law College” is located in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, India, on a hill of sylvan splendour with a view of the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other. The liberal ambience of the research wing “Center for Advanced Legal Studies and Research” (CALSAR), is conducive to ignite nascent thoughts and ideals. This finds vivid expression in “Academy Law Review” which has won international acclaim ever since its appearance in print in 1977. The moot teams of the Academy are the flag bearers in renowned international fora. The Academy’s social commitment is imbedded in its socio-legal clinics and consultancy service. The college of law of the Academy is affiliated to the University of Kerala

The Kerala Law Academy is an organization of distinguished law persons. It is a society and was formed by eminent judges, lawyers & academicians. It is truly secular in all respects and does not represent any sectional, denominational, ethnic, racial or communal interest.

How the principles of law can be developed and grown organically in accordance with the ‘mores of the day’.? What are the frontiers of the creative approaches that can be brought about in the realm of law? How to equip lawyers and law makers with the intellectual and moral adequacies? What are appropriate tools to make a researcher in law and a complete professional law person in the global village in tune with the changing needs of the time? These haunting questions require comparative and deeper study and research of the legal processes in nations and the regular changes in the ethos prevailing in the world of law and to relate law to the larger international and national problems and an organization to answer them. Thus was how the idea of Kerala Law Academy was born. The idea was to have a organization for developing original thinking, scientific inquiry & self study in law and develop professional research and alternative paths of law reforms.

Many persons who were consulted, were discouraging and even skeptical. It is interesting now to recall how some of them finally turned out to be ardent admirers of the Kerala Law Academy.

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