Murshidabad Police Station of West Bengal

Murshidabad Police Station of West Bengal

Address: Gora Bazar, Berhampore, West Bengal 742101S.P. -Tel: 953482250751, Res: 250003
Addl. S.P. -Tel: 953482251213, Res: 251703
D.S.P. (H.Q.) – Tel: 953482250101, Res: 250203
D.S.P. (D & T) – Tel: 953482250101
D.S.P. (D.I.B.)- Tel: 953482251850
S.D.P.O. (Kandi)-Mob: 983484255270
S.D.P.O. (Lalbag)-Tel: 953483255233
S.D.P.O. (Jangipur) -Tel: 953483266079
C.I. (Sardar) -Tel: 953482250970
C.I. (Kandi) -Tel: 953484255451
C.I. (Lalbag) -Tel: 953483255255
C.I. (Jangipur) -Tel: 953483266207
Police Control -Tel: 953482250099
Police Wireless -Tel: 953482250551

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