National Education Foundation Law Collage

Address:National Education Foundation Law Collage
G.M.C.H. Road, Ananda Nagar,
Assam, India

Tele Phone No:91-0361-2342423, 91-0361-2345522

Phone No: 91-9401118888/ 91-9613134422

Fax No: 91-0361-2523372

Email: nefghy@gmail.com

Website: www.nefcollege.org

Area Of Practice:
Banking & finance, Charity, Civil Litigation Dispute Resolution, commcial, Contruction, Consumer, corporate, Criminal, Employment, Enviromental, Family,
Housing, Human Rights, Immigration & Aslyum, Insurance, Intellectual Property (IP),Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence, Private silent,Property, Public Companies & Equity Finance, Restructing & Insolvency, Shipping, Social Welfare,Tax

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